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Our story

Our rooms have all very different atmospheres from one another, depending on the floor on which they are located, since each floor belongs to a different historical period each with different styles; from Medieval, to Renaissance, to the seventeenth century.
In the recovery of the building it was necessary to respect the original spaces according to the indications of the Belle Arte.

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Living history...

From the first moment at the Fontebella Palace Hotel you will have the feeling of living in history and you will be greeted with a warm welcome by our attentive team, ready to accommodate you and any needs you may have in order to make your stay unique,

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The refined spaces, from the hall with the wine bar, to the fireplace room with the remarkable coat of arms, to the meeting room, every corner tells the story of the illustrious past of this fascinating building.

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Imagine your breakfast, the moment of your aperitivo or simply a moment of relaxation in an amazing garden, with an extraordinary view of the Umbrian Valley ...
Imagine that all this is possible .....

A view of the Rose Garden

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In the center of Assisi
near the Basilica of San Francesco

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